Nordic Walking, as opposed to ordinary walking, is a full body workout. This is due to the use of poles, which you apply force through with each plant.

Unlike ordinary walking by using the poles you use almost your entire body (90% of the bodies skeletal muscles) at a greater intensity. This results in significantly increasing fitness levels and the amount of calories burned, not generally achievable through normal walking.

It works the chest, back, arm, shoulder, abdominals, spinal and other core muscles. This can result in significant increases in heart rate at a given pace and improvements in cardiovascular efficiency.

The poles help to propel you along increasing your speed. You could be working as hard as if you were jogging but will feel more comfortable and there won't be the strain on the knees and joints that is associated with some other types of exercise.





A WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION - You can burn 20-46% extra calories. I've dropped 2 dress sizes regularly Nordic Walking what could you do?


AT YOUR PACE  – You can start gently and progress steadily at a pace suitable for you


FULL BODY WORKOUT - Uses 90% of your major muscles, shaping and toning upper and lower body


RELEASE THE PRESSURE - It reduces the pressure on the joints such as the knees and hips and is great for neck, shoulder and back problems


DE-STRESS - Green activities boost  your mental health


SOCIABLE - It’s simple to learn and sociable – you can chat on the move


COST EFFECTIVE – No obligation to sign-up to expensive annual monthly fees


AGE IS NO GAUGE – It doesn’t matter whatever your age or level of fitness it can be done by almost anybody


CONFIDENCE BOOST – The poles provide stability and confidence – helping even those with walking difficulties to take part





The answer is almost anyone.  As it can be done at a variety of levels the Technique is flexible to your needs.  Enabling you to achieve and maintain a fitness level that is right for you.



At its basic level it can be used to simply maintain your health and wellbeing.  It allows you to start gently and progress steadily at a pace that is suitable for you.  It enables fitness and endurance to be built up gradually over time.



At the other extreme, being a highly effective method of cross-training, the Progressive techniques are used by sports people, such as skiers, to maintain their fitness levels out of season. If you like a challenge you could participate in Nordic Walking races held on the UK throughout the year.



Because the technique uses all four limbs i.e. the upper and lower body, it can help to reduce stress on the knees and hips compared to normal walking.


It’s also great for office workers as it encourages better posture leading to improvements in neck and shoulder discomfort.





Nordic Walking was originally used by elite cross-country skiers as a way to stay fit in the summer months.  It is now a popular way for all ages and fitness levels to gain fitness, tone up, lose weight and improve their health.


Nordic Walking, as a flexible form of exercise, has been applied as a fitness technique, a healthy walking concept, a rehabilitative tool and a highly effective exercise for sports conditioning.



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